Photo Slideshow 3D II I After Effects CS5 – Download and Short Review

Photo Slideshow 3D II I After Effects CS5

Download and Short Review

Popular Adobe Effects CS5 Photo Slideshow 3D II - My Favorite AE Project File

My Favorite AE Project File “Photo Slideshow 3D II” (version) with Adobe Effects CS5 Software.
Download Link (premium) (and on the first and last images)

Photo Slideshow 3D II adobe-after-effects-project-files-photo-slideshow-3d-ii-01

Photo Slideshow 3D II by BogdanLucian

Let’s look at and feel it first with movie.

After Effects Project Files | Photo Slideshow 3D II - elegant, CS5 +

What's Photo Slideshow 3D II ?

This Photo Slideshow 3D II by the author, BogdanLucian (included in download link) is soft moving, dignified, and elegant After Effects CS5 + project files.
Project addressed especially for Photographers but, is also perfect for Gallery, Slideshow, Events, Family Photos, Vacation Gallery, Photo Album, Presentations, Fashion, Designers, Architects etc.

This Photo Slideshow released is version 2, designed in a style more minimalist and corporate compared to the first version.

The Author : BogdanLucian ( link )

Photo Slideshow 3D II by BogdanLucian adobe-after-effects-project-files-photo-slideshow-3d-ii-02

Photo Slideshow 3D II I After Effects CS5 – download and short Review


Photo Slideshow 3D II by BogdanLucian adobe-after-effects-project-files-photo-slideshow-3d-ii-03

Main Features

  • No falling version available too
  • 18 sec light leaks pre-rendered included (premultiplied)
  • 86 placeholders for images/videos
  • No plugin required
  • Customize the project with just a few clicks from a single composition:
    color of the text and the background
    color & contrast of the main background
    add a border to photos and set the thickness, position and color
  • Very easy to use, well organized and optimized project. Just drop your photos
  • Text can be deleted and replaced with photos
  • Available for After Effects CS5 and CS6
  • Works in Adobe CC (Open CS6 version with Adobe CC)
  • Duration 1:47 min

Music and images not included. Soundtrack by  is available Health, Happiness & Success ( Link )

Complete helpful instructions. Free font download instructions in Help File


For questions and rates customization, write the author an email via the author profile page.

Copyrights, Music used in presentation

© All Rights Reserved BogdanLucian (and Profile Link)

3D Slideshow After Effects Project files adobe-after-effects-project-files-photo-slideshow-3d-ii-04

Music Track(Sound Track) : Health, Happiness & Success

Author : Tim McMorris 

Tim McMorris is very popular musician in, he has 36,520 total sales record by 2014.07.14. from 2009.

And author rating by buyers is 4.88/5

3D Slideshow After Effects Project files adobe-after-effects-project-files-photo-slideshow-3d-ii-06


My first view of This Photo Slideshow 3D II I After Effects CS5  project file was about 2 months ago. I have remembered this file and am recommending it again.

This file shows soft, elegant and dignified presentation. Great work!


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